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Kit Bashing a Warhammer Fence

I was working on my Warhammer Manor and decided that I’m going to base it. Once that decision was made, i started to lay out the base features. I was futzing with the walls and fences when I had the brilliant notion to make the gate a functioning one.

I usually get in over my head when I have these simple ideas.

The obvious first step is to cut the gate off. It’s a tight fit and I didn’t want to pinch any of the plastic. A razor saw is the perfect answer. The bottom was a little fiddly as a few posts are attached directly to the ground.

Warhammer Wall with gate intactWall with Gate Removed

The gate won’t swing because it’s too big. I cut half of each end post off with the razor saw.

Shaved Fence Post

The big decision at this point is how to attach the gate to the wall. Since I had cut the end posts in half, there wasn’t a lot left to mount metal pins. I have a stock pile of styrene and happened to have a rod and tube that fit together (the rod into the tube). Time to check the fit. I put the rod and the removed gate into the opening. It was too snug so I filed a bit more off the gate posts.


Now I cut four (4) donuts from the rod with the razor saw. Again, I don’t want to use side cutters as they deform the plastic a bit as they cut.


It’s almost impossible to see in the pic but I filed the Donuts into semi “D” shapes. The flat side give the glue more surface area to work with.


I carefully glued the flat side to the wall post. I use the rod to make sure that the hole in the tube section is truly parallel to the post. I then alternated gluing the rod to the gate, the post, and finally the gate again. I wanted the gate to ride on the hinges rather than sitting on the ground to I glued the gate rings above the wall rings. You have to be very careful when gluing this since gluing the Rod to the Tube sections would be “A Very Bad Thing”.

gate7 gate8

Just to prove it works. It binds a bit because of the shape of the hinges. A bit of filing takes care of that.


Finally, sorta. I use Green Stuff to blend the rod pieces to the gate…


I say “sorta” because, obviously it’s not painted but, more than that, I think I want to make the hinge pin (the rod) into more nail like items. I will cut two (2) pieces to size and then gently heat one end to round it and bulk it up so it won’t slip through the rod sections. It doesn’t change the mechanism of the gate so I’ll end it here. When I add this to my Warhammer Manor build, I’ll talk about basing an painting this.

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