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WATERLOO , ON ? August 3, 2008 – Strategy Wave Studios has released their second building creation pack as a free download for their popular plastic army men miniature wargame, Combat Storm. The pack contains colorful custom photo-realistic templates which give players the ability to create their own buildings and scenery pieces when playing Combat Storm. Building Creation Pack #2 is available immediately via

"With the release of the first Building Creation Pack, we received a lot of positive feedback from players who enjoyed our free papercraft products and understood they were hungry for more," said Lead Designer David Reiter. "Our artists have been working on several new free downloadable papercraft terrain pieces that will be released in the near future, and Building Creation Pack #2 is a sample of what's to come.

"We know one of the draws to Combat Storm is the inexpensive price tag associated with wargaming using plastic army men, so we have decided to continue the trend and make the second building creation pack a free download as well."

The second Building Creation Pack contains papercraft templates for one new Middle Eastern building and four different garbage dumpsters.

The building creation pack can be downloaded directly at

Combat Storm is a 2-4 player miniature strategy wargame game that uses green and tan plastic army men as game pieces and a large playing area as the battlefield.

In Combat Storm, players custom-build their own squads of plastic army men, selecting from troops such as Riflemen, Support Infantrymen, Snipers, Special Forces Soldiers, Demolition Experts and Anti-Armor Experts. Each troop-type has its own unique characteristics, weapons and specialties, allowing for creative and tactical game-play. In addition, players can also deploy tanks and transports into battle to provide additional firepower and support.

The Combat Storm Rulebook is available through online ordering via the Combat Storm website:

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