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“W” Terrain for MWAoD

These are some of the simplest terrain you can make. Just a few 3D elements to give them something to help them stand out. You can find the files HERE at Dungeon Crawlers in the Download section.

Step 1

Print out the tiles that you require. You will notice a few extras on the page, some grass and a log with blue tabs on the side of it.

Using a metal straight edge and a razor (you can always use a scissors) cut out the tiles.

Step 2

Now mount them on something stiff like mat board, or a pizza box. I prefer to use mat board myself. At this point you could just call it good and use them but where is the fun in that? Lets start with the submerged log.

Step 3

Cut the log out then wrap it around a pen or marker to give the log it’s shape.

Step 4

Now that is done. you can place the log anywhere but I think it looks best toward the edge.

Now for the grass or reeds.

Step 5

Cut out the grass and fold it in half.

Step 6

Now score (make a crease in the paper) about 1/4″ You will now want to cut the edge that is connected that way your 1/4″ crease will become 2 flaps or tabs.

Step 7

Like the picture above (sorry about the blurry image). Glue the grass together except the tabs. Do not glue them together. When it is dry make verticle cuts in the grass to form individual blades. Then fan them apart a bit. Then place them on you “W” terrain.

Step 8

Step 9

Notice the top two pictures. The first one has been “edged” with a black marker (you could use dark green as well) and the second one has not. The white from the mat board really sticks out. Make sure you edge your models!

Step 10

And there you go! You can also do this to the river tiles as well.

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