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MechWarrior Mech Repair Bay

Back again with another how to. This time we are looking at the Mech Repair Bay or it can be a Mech Hangar. You can find the files here.

First off is to print out all of the pages.

Pic 1-Printed Model

After you print out the Mech Bay you will need to cut them out using a utility knife and a steel ruler (be extra careful) or by using a pair of scissors. Then edge them all in black to hide the white paper.

Page one and two is the main building. This would house the Mechwarriors and the Mech Mechanics

Page three is the center divider between bays

Page four needs to be printed twice. These will be the back and roof of the mech bays

Page five is the base of the stalls

Page six is the other end of the bays.

Pic 2- How to find fold lines

I did not make the fold lines that noticeable so if your having problems figuring out where to score the paper, use the the area where the tabs meet on the inside panel (page 4) to line up the fold marks.

After you have printed and cut out page 4 twice you need to glue them together

Pic 3 - Backs and roof of stalls

I have both of them in the picture. the part on the left has been glued together, the one on the right has not. Remember to score both sides before gluing them back to back. Mine has colour on the reverse side as I was using up a misprinted model from another game. Let dry before folding into an “L” shape.

Pic 4-Box fold

The center wall that separates the two stalls is a simple box fold. Just remember to hold it gently in place until the glue has sufficiently dried.

Pic 5-Box Fold

While making a box fold I like to glue the longest side together first. Then fold the whole thing flat. This will make sure that the tabs are aligned properly. Then I will bring in the top then the bottom.

Pic 6-Placing Boxes

After you have done your three box folds start by placing the largest box, the living quarters. Place glue on the bottom and carefully align it to the base. You should mount the base on something solid like Mat Board, Pizza Box or foam core. Don’t worry if it seems to over lap. There is enough room for slight error.

Pic 7-Roof and back walls

Now its time to place the back wall/roof of the stall. Glue the tabs that will connect to the main building. The carefully line it up and hold it into position until the glue starts to dry.

Follow the last two steps for the next stall and the end piece.

Pic 8- Finished Product Pic 9- Finished Product

Pic 10-Finished Product Pic 11 - Finished Product

Pic 12 - Last pic

There you have it. One two stall mech Bay! Use it in your bases, your scenarios or just for fun! I will be building another one that is slightly smaller and will be exactly B3 in size. When I first designed this I did not care for making them to the templates. The Vehicle bay is B3 size and is pretty much built the same way. I will include seperate instructions for the vehicle bay.

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